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In Harbour Lakes @ Palmas Del Mar we are a community of order and respect!!

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

In Harbour Lakes @ Palmas Del Mar we are Resort Concept, proud to be pioneer in your booking rental all across The Palmas Del Mar community. We respect your privacy and your time vacation with your friends and loved ones. During your stay or visiting Harbour Lakes and Palmas Del Mar community ensure you follow rules of behavior in a peace community and environment. We welcome you at any time with happiness and love, but we as a community will be watching that all rules of behavior are followed.

!Coral Bay Villa! is mostly open during season time only;

  1. 5 Nights is the minimum we accept for booking rentals.

  2. Fees:

  3. A small refundable $300 security deposit fee is mandatory to ensure our unit is kept free of vandalism. We will return your fee within 1 business day as long as everything is in place with 0 damages.

  4. Harbour Lakes Administracion and covenants charges $25 per Night to all short term rental like Airbnb, Vrbo's or any vacation rental to cover for expenses during your term rental.

  5. Government taxes is paid in all countries of the word and it's mandatory by the Government. PR Tax is 7% rental fee for all small guest rentals such ours.

  6. Maintenance and Administrative Fees covers for all maintenance related rentals and to properly manage all cleaning rendered to the unit such all towels, blankets, comforters in all rooms and the complete unit cleaning, as well as it will also cover for charges of 5% Fee imposed by all credit cards or any other banking methods you use for using your credit cards as a method of booking payments. Those charges comes automatically from the merchant and will be deducted by them as soon as you use your credit cards.

  7. Palmas del Mar is the life of Humacao, PR and it's beautiful; you will enjoy and have a wonderful and unforgettable stay.

  8. Other nearby rentals may charges you as much as $399 a Night plus all other Fees per night to cover for the same expenses plus employees .

  9. You as a future customer in my humble opinion, you will have an amazing time stay that you can afford.

  10. Palmas Del Mar community is a unmatched lovely, wonderful place that you will love for ever and ever but that rental and security comes sometimes with a price....

  11. So, in general if you like a place that has everything like beach, pools, a small Mall that has everything from supermarket, lots of Restaurants, Shopping Places, your banking needs, a beautiful forest, a special beach harbour, etc, etc , Palmas Del Mar is the right place rental for your friends and family loved ones.

  12. Hopefully you stay will us. We guarantee a wonderful stay.

  13. If the booking rental days you are looking for are booked or maybe blocked, please give us a call to make sure whether the unit is booked or blocked. Maybe we can make it available to you. Thanks for looking and have a wonderful stay with us or in Palmas Del Mar!!

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